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Career and financial consulting in the Philadelphia area

Invest In Your Success!

About Level Up

Level Up Advising (“Level Up”) is a certified women-owned small business (“WOSB”) based in the Northeast region of the U.S. Our firm is dedicated to providing career, financial and small business consulting services to individuals, entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations. Level Up is committed to offering comprehensive solutions and support to various urban, suburban and rural communities by identifying strategic goals and opportunities to help individuals and organizations build wealth, gain access to capital and set life plans in motion.

Our firm’s primary service standards include education through application by incorporating experiential learning activities that promote professional development, financial stability and entrepreneurial success. Level Up combines 19 years of industry experience with a philosophy of addressing our clients’ most critical obstacles to produce sustainable results with a Level Up Mindset. Our leaders and business professionals analyze patterns, routines, lifestyles and industry-specific standards to formulate plans and implement solutions in the consulting and training areas, which are center of our core capabilities.

Level Up’s ideal clients are those who are dreaming of their success, goals, and are ready to reach a different level in their lives. With our help, clients obtain the support and guidance to address and conquer the obstacles and challenges they face in today’s environment to open new doors, help close earning gaps and build wealth.

About our Leadership

Our President & CEO, Jenise Rabb Fitzgerald, is a seasoned businesswoman with over 19 years in the banking and lending industries. In July 2017, Jenise formed Level Up Advising, LLC to educate the community of young leaders and adults on how to achieve their goals and build wealth through professional and financial development. Jenise’s industry and technical experience have allowed her to spend most of her career in commercial and residential lending roles with various financial institutions helping people gain access to capital and understand the importance of financial security and stability.

Jenise is an energetic, proactive, and task-oriented individual with an inquisitive and forward-thinking mindset. Jenise holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management and earned her Credit Analyst Certification from the Risk Management Association. Jenise is a Bucks County native and now resides in the city of Philadelphia. During her free time, Jenise enjoys traveling and has served as President of Beyond The Book, Women’s Book Club since 2017 and guest speaker and/or expert panelist for various types of organizations over the years. Jenise has a passion for financial education and continues to encourage and assist individuals that are ready to “Level Up” professionally and financially.

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Jenise Rabb Fitzgerald specializes in financial advising and professional development.  Hands on professionals help people get on track with expert financial consulting
Jenise Rabb Fitzgerald, President & CEO