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Top Tips: Mortgage Applications & Pre-Approvals

What came first, the chicken or the egg? Your mortgage pre-approval being denied, or the subconscious belief that you were not worthy of owning your own home? That is a question only you can answer. If you’re considering homeownership, but aren’t sure what to prepare for, Level Up Advising can help you along your journey. Here are our Top tips on mortgage applications & pre-approvals.

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Small Business Services

Overview: SBA Payment Protection Program (PPP)

What a humbling experience, to reflect on 2020, the year of unending pivots. We can all see more clearly than ever the difference a year can make. With every new challenge, we were forced to shift priorities, unravel our routines and sit in a state of discomfort. Thankfully, our communities are standing strong and obtaining support from different angles. When it comes to small businesses, there are funding options such as the SBA Payment Protection Program (PPP) that has become a major resource for small business owners during the pandemic.

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Small Business Services

Is Professional Bookkeeping Worth It?

Level Up Advising has made it a mission to support the growth and development of small businesses in the community. The impact the pandemic has had on small businesses is unprecedented,  but so is our commitment to helping our clients Level Up.  Our Bookkeeping Services are a great example of showing support as a fellow member of the small business community.

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Why You Should Hire A Resume Writer

Hiring a professional resume writer can help you whether you are in the market for a new job, or planning to Level Up with a promotion in your current career. In the same way a personal trainer curates your workouts to align with your fitness goals, a professional resume writer curates your resume and aligns you with the success you are planning for.

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