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Level Up offers a series of monthly workshops to educate individuals on subject matters, engage in discussion, and perform hands-on activities using comprehensive techniques to help attendees establish personal priorities, reach goals, and better prepare for emergencies while building wealth.

All Level Up Workshops are facilitated by the Founder & President in a conference room group setting (not to exceed a 2 hours timeframe) and held at our business location in Bensalem, PA (Bucks County).

During these Level Up Workshops, attendees are provided with literature, notepads, and hands-on support/guidance to participate. Attendees will occasionally receive prior instructions when personal electronic devices (laptops/iPads, etc.) should be brought by attendees to assist with activities during the Workshop.

Existing Workshops

Home Ownership: Preparing To Purchase Your First Home (scheduled for 1/18/2020) It’s time to plan for one of the biggest purchases of your life! This WORKSHOP is designed to help individuals understand the proper steps to begin searching for a new home so the process doesn’t become overwhelming. Level Up Advising will guide attendees through key aspects of their budget, credit profile, cash management, and qualifications required by most traditional lenders when preparing to apply for a home mortgage. In this 2-hour workshop, ATTENDEES will receive a comprehensive guide to becoming a 1st time homeowner with a feasible checklist of steps to prepare for the home ownership process in efforts to avoid making irrational decisions along the way.EXPERT GUEST SPEAKER: Real Estate Agent, Cherise Wynne, will join the workshop to offer her insight on house hunting, market trends, and the importance of obtaining a mortgage pre-approval.

Budgeting: Gateway to your financial freedom (last hosted on 11/16/19) Budgeting is all about managing money with a planned purpose! This WORKSHOP is designed to help individuals establish priorities, track monthly expenses, properly allocate earned income, and better prepare for emergencies while reaching financial goals. ATTENDEES will be able to identify the true allocation of their income, explore free money management tools, and learn how to use budgeting guidelines to keep their spending in line with their savings goals. Attendees will also be given hands-on support and guidance with creating their own personalized monthly budget in this class-setting Workshop.

Credit 101: Understanding Your Profile (last hosted on 10/12/19) The only way to improve your credit is to know what’s triggering the changes! This WORKSHOP is designed to help individuals understand and identify the various factors that impact their credit history and scoring. Low credit scores can affect one’s ability (or lack thereof) to borrow money, obtain insurance, rent an apartment, or even obtain employment in certain fields or industries. ATTENDEES will learn about common lending standards, credit requirements to qualify for certain loan programs, and explore ways to improve payments habits to strengthen one’s FICO score and overall credit profile. Attendees will be given hands-on support and guidance with creating their own credit tracking worksheet in this class-setting Workshop.

401(k) Basics: Preparing for Retirement (last hosted on 10/19/19) Don’t leave tax-free money on the table! Learn the benefits and consider your future! Most people work full-time for over 45 years and once retirement age is reached, they have approximately 20 years to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle after leaving the workforce (based on the average U.S. life expectancy). Why not set yourself up to retire with a nest egg to support your family and its estate? This WORKSHOP is designed to educate individuals on the long-term benefits of participating in a 401(k) retirement plan and shed light on the basics of employer contributions, wage deductions, tax-free financial reporting, potential return on the investment, fee structures, and associated IRS rules. ATTENDEES will learn the minimum amount they should have saved for retirement and explore ways to increase their retirement savings over time. Attendees will be given hands-on support and guidance with creating their own retirement tracking worksheet in this class-setting Workshop.

“It’s not only about generating wealth; it’s the progress and tenacity it takes to obtain it!”

— Jenise Rabb, Founder & President

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